ABC Mornings: Push for Tassie Devils’ return to mainland Australia

The Victorian Government is considering reintroducing Tasmanian Devils to Wilsons Promontory National Park, in part to help control fox and feral cat numbers. I spoke to the ABC’s Jonathan Kendall about the evidence.

Summary on the ABC 774 website.

One reply on “ABC Mornings: Push for Tassie Devils’ return to mainland Australia”

If cats and foxes are averse to areas inhabited by devils, devil young should show better survival rate than cats/fox young through devil predation. Devils are not averse to cats (footage of devils dismissing cats from carrion) and have survived with Tas smaller terrestrial mammals (bettong, bandicoot etc). Seems devil/fox mix is the unknown…but i’m no scientist. Camera trap data I’ve seen from Vic Nat Parks shows high infestation by cats and foxes… nil chance for small mammals over time, lets try devils. Things can’t be much worse than they now are.

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