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Fully funded on Pozible!

I’m thrilled to announce that we have reached our $20,000 funding target on Pozible, a little over 48 hours ahead of deadline.

A huge thank you to everyone who supported the project, helped to spread the word, or made a donation — large or small.


We will now be able to begin our project: the first comprehensive camera trapping study of animals in the spectacular and remote Torricelli Mountain range in Papua New Guinea. We will build on the already amazing work of the Tenkile Conservation Alliance (TCA) and strengthen the alliance’s partnership with Deakin University.

This is something tangible we can do to help arrest the extinction crisis. Engendering hope is critical.

It has been wonderful to see science and conservation capturing the public’s imagination. I really hope the crowd funding model continues to increase the connection between the public and the scientific communities.

My first foray in to crowd funding has been exhilarating, humbling and exhausting… all at once!

One more thing: if you haven’t pledged but would like to help out, there is still time. More dollars means more cameras, which means more data. Or, if you would like to help out my Deakin colleagues, there are still 5 exciting projects that need support.

Again, on behalf of myself and the TCA, a huge thank you. We are very, very excited to get cameras out and start discovering just what’s out there!