Published: The dingo and biodiversity conservation — response to Fleming et al.

Authors: Chris N Johnson and Euan G Ritchie


Several authors have recently argued that dingoes could be used to help conserve biodiversity in Australia. Fleming et al. (2012) [Australian Mammalogy 34, 119–131] offer the alternative view that restoration of dingo predation is unlikely to help native species, and is more likely to do harm. We think many of the arguments used by Fleming et al. to reach that conclusion are either unsound or beside the point, and we explain why.

Dingo Christopher Watson Wikimedia Commons 1248 x 772
The dingo is Australia’s largest terrestrial predator. But what does that mean for smaller predators, prey and the interactions between them? Image by By Christopher Watson [CC-BY-SA-3.0] via Wikimedia Commons.

Johnson CN, Ritchie EG (2013) The dingo and biodiversity conservation: response to Fleming et al. Australian Mammalogy, 2013, 35, 8–14 DOI PDF