Papua New Guinea’s mountain mammals, a crowdfunding campaign

The Papua New Guinean mountains are home to amazing and endemic animals including the critically endangered Tenkile and Weimang tree kangaroos. Many of this region’s fauna are under severe threat of extinction.

Our project, a partnership between Deakin University and the Tenkile Conservation Alliance is the first comprehensive camera-trapping study of animals in the spectacular and remote Torricelli Mountain range. We will use automated, motion-sensing cameras to collect crucial information about these animals to establish the habitats that are most important – critical information if we are to save them.

I’m excited to be part of an Australian university first – using ‘crowdfunding’ to raise money for research. Our goal is $20,000, and we’re using the Australian crowdfunding website Pozible.

Please consider donating or, equally important, help us to spread the word.

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